Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No Clomid Crazy for me

Today is day 5 of Clomid and no "Clomid Crazy" for me. I have a headache (which is totally manageable and some night sweats, also manageable)

I remember when I first started the whole infertility scene. I was perscribed my clomid and oh how awful the side effects were, or so I thought.

Then I moved to Menopur and thought oh wow clomid wasn't bad at all, this stuff burns like hell fire.

Then I moved to the fun "ivf" medications and learned what shitty drugs are truly like. I remember vividly telling Al that after our ivf treatments, I would NEVER have to use Lupron again. That is a promise I intend to keep. 

So years later and being through:
etc. etc. etc.

It is all a walk in the park, or is it? I heard that Lovenox is also a very evil drug and have seen the bruises sizes of freaking baseballs on people. Can't say I am real excited to get started on that one, but will take it with stride because I know this is all for a greater purpose :)

Which reminds me of a story that was told to me when we first started this journey. I was in getting m y HSG done and it was uncomfortable. I know now it was because of my issues with curving passages and ridges that made putting cath in so difficult. The tech kept asking if I was okay and my reply was " I am fine". He looks at me and says " YOu would be amazed on how many woman come in here and act like they are dying. I often tell them, how do you expect to have a baby then?" Okay that is totally unprofessional, but I laughed so hard! He had a great point.

On I march............................ hopefully a good ovulation and a few little eggs mixed with a whole bunch of sperm and BAM!

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