Thursday, June 27, 2013

I am going there

Yesterday after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, the firestorm started. For so many of us Americans this was a huge step in the right direction. For others it was a slap in the face because of their religious views. Here is where the problem truly is. 

I came home only to turn on the t.v in the "bible belt" of the United States to see our Governor on t.v stating that Oklahoma WILL NEVER accept gay marriages in this state and it is against God. At that moment I truly despised her more than I usually do.  It absolutely INFURIATES me that ANY religion feels their beliefs are the ONLY right one and everyone else is wrong. I don't care if you are Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim etc. We are all FREE people and have the freedom to make our own choices on what is best for our own family and life. 

How does a gay marriage personal affect you? Yes you the person who is so hell bent against it because of your belief? How does it personally come into your home and change anything about the way you live, raise your children, spend time with your family, or what you believe?

Exactly it doesn't! 

Whether you are for homosexuals getting the same rights as a heterosexual couple or not, the fact remains to me looking at this completely neutral and without any religion making my choice, "IF YOU ARE A TAX PAYING AMERICAN, THAN YOU SHOULD HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AND OTHER BENEFITS" This goes for Married couples, single people, gay people, transgender, black, Asian, white, Muslim etc. etc. .

I  try my hardest to be tolerate of others, but sometimes certain people make it so hard for me to do that!
I will also put this out there for anyone who has any doubts about my views, I don't believe in God or the Devil, or heaven, or hell. I believe in my whole heart that I will live my life doing good by my family and to others. I will work honestly, I will treat others with respect, and I will do my best to do great things with my life. If that makes me a sinner and your belief is that I am going to hell, that is okay with me. I totally respect your opinion. That is the great thing about being a AMERICAN, we have the choice!

A few weeks ago on our vacation we stayed with Al's aunt and uncle. They are Christian people and before dinner they wanted to join hands and pray. You may be wondering what I did. I took hands with the others and respected their  home and belief. I didn't pray, I didn't say amen, but I showed respect.

I would be nice and polite and apologize for anyone I have offended, but I am not going to. If you are offended then maybe you should try remembering that we all different and that is what makes the world go around.

Have a nice day!

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