Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recovery Update

Sorry I am just now getting around to update my surgery. I've had a little harder time recovering than I thought I would. Surgery went well. I have two working tubes, he removed that huge cyst I had on my right ovary. No endo found. He did find a mass that was sent off for a biopsy. He seems to think it was left over from our miscarriage. 

When I came out of anesthia I was in a lot of pain so they gave me morphine and it made me sick to my stomach. I did feel much better after puking though. I couldn't pee either. They usually require you pee before leaving. After doing a ultrasound, I only had two teaspoons of urine in my bladder so they let me go home and said if I didn't pee by 9:00 that night to come back to the hospital. Thankfully I did (a little). I was up all night with the urge to go but only dribbles coming out. Finally yesterday my bladder woke up and was working fully again. I've had some significant pain where my incisions are and dizziness still from anesthia wearing off, but all and all I am doing much better and getting stronger everyday.

I took off work until Tuesday. That gives me plenty of time for recovery.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

My daughter is heading out to her first day of driving school! Yes I am still shocked that I am the parent of a "almost" driving teenager. My poor insurance!

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