Thursday, May 2, 2013

Surgery Anxiety

You would think as many surgeries as I have had, it wouldn't be a big deal anymore. Honestly, I think the more I have, the worse my anxiety gets. I know I need this surgery next week. I also know it is simple procedure, yet my anxiety is through the roof. I HATE anesthesia and the fear of dying. I know, total drama queen. I keep telling myself that so many other people have surgeries WAY more extensive then mine and are just fine. I am being so irrational about all of this and I know that. Why can't my mind just accept that and move on? Instead I am sitting here with worry and more worry. I have even taken xanax and it is not helping at all!

Do any of you have an irrational fear of something? How do you cope?

I keep telling myself after this surgery I will have to smooth running tubes and a sparkling clean uterus!

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