Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To Ovulate or not to Ovulate

That is the question. As you know I did a blog post last Friday on how I ovulated. My sticks were pretty dark for two days. I only started temping last Thursday because I wasn't sure that I would ovulate this month and especially after surgery. Well cd23 hit and I was positive it was positive :) We did our deed on Thursday, Friday and thought it was covered. I still like to test after a positive strip just to make sure. Saturday had some color but not to dark, Sunday has some color but even lighter. Monday my stick was very dark again. I was like wth? We went ahead and BD again last night. This morning I tested and my line was super light. My temps have been super low making me think there was in deed no ovulation. I will attach chart so you can see. THis morning it jumped .03 degrees though.

 Bottom was from yesterday (Monday and above it goes):
Sunday (lighter)
Saturday( lighter)
Friday  (dark line)
Thursday (dark line)

I know that some of you will tell me that the second line needs to be as dark as or darker than the test line. That is not how they work with my body. My doctor also agreed that for me if they are close then I am ovulating.

Here is my chart:

Okay on to  a great picture of me. I was out in flower beds yesterday transplanting my iris's and doing some weeding. As it happens every year, I came across something that doesn't like me and here was my beautiful face today:

Super cute huh! I went to access clinic this morning and received my annual cortisone shot plus predisone and cream. 

I also received a phone call a few minutes ago with some bad news. I will post about it later.

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