Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little Sahara

Well Al and I had a plan this weekend to do home improvements and work in our flower beds. Plans changed. I received a call from my sister yesterday and they were at one of our State Parks called Little Sahara. It is about 20,000 acres that is all sand dunes from the Cimarron river that made the formations. Pretty cool place if you own dune buggies and/or four wheelers. Well they were out there with some friends and said we should come out for the day. So glad we did. I had a blast! There is nothing like flying over dunes that are 100 feet tall! What a serious rush. Here are some pictures of our day yesterday. I hid camera under my shirt because of all the blowing sand, but was able to get a few pictures. Unfortnantely pictures don't do this justice. You can't really scale out just how tall these dunes are and how big it is.

 We broke the dune buggy after flying over a hill and for the rest of the day we rode the smaller atv's. Just as much fun!

My niece and her super cool helmet!

Today is back to work day for us. Al is installing our new dishwasher. I have lots of laundry to do. Hoping to get some flowers transplanted today and possibly (fingers crossed) get some much needed quilting done! 

I hope all of you have a fantastic Memorial Weekend!

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