Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great News

I heard some amazing news yesterday. A wonderful woman I know that runs the Attain Fertility page on facebook just found out she is pregnant. After failed ivf attempts, failed iui attempts for years and her being in 40's, she found out that she is 8.5 weeks pregnant naturally! Now I don't know about others in the community, but this gives me hope. I can't get enough of stories like this in my life and journey. As much as we sit back and hate the whole "cliche" or stigma attached to infertility, sometimes these things to do happen. It seems to be in great numbers also. I now know of several woman who have failed expensive treatments only to turn around and get pregnant naturally or with something as small as TI with a fertility drug. Seeing all of this first hand is making me think as much as we hate those stupid sayings like "relax", maybe relaxing is helpful? I am not saying that if you relax then you will get pregnant, but I am saying I don't think it can hurt. Infertility is STRESSFUL and we all know how stress affects our bodies. 

Either way I choose to believe that even without treatments I have a decent chance of getting pregnant. In my eyes a 3% chance is better then no chance at all :) 

Thank you to all the woman out there who have kept fighting and show such stronger character and persistence. It makes me want to fight even harder to get my dream. You ladies are my true inspirations!  I know for some it is hard to see pregnant woman and it hurts, I totally get that. I guess for me it shows there really is hope and I can do this and so can others.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't expect everyone to be shitting rainbows when it comes to having positivity because that isn't the standard response. Just know that as many failed cycles as all of us have gone through is one step closer to a baby. That thought keeps me going and fighting everyday.

Keep the success stories coming ladies, that is the fuel that keeps me going! Congrats to every single one of you that have your sweet babies either in your belly or in your arms. I can't think of any group that deserves it more :)

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