Friday, May 24, 2013

Funny Infertility Friday!

TGIF Everyone!

Something very interesting happened last night. It was cd23 and I finally got a positive on my ovulation strips. Talk about a weird cycle. They had me on bcp for (5) days early in my cycle so I wouldn't ovulate before my surgery. After surgery I started to test to see if I would ovulate this cycle. After I hit cd20 it wasn't looking very promising and then last night and this morning I see this.

 I am pretty darn stoked! I have a call into my clinic to see if this is possible and it is not a fluke of some kind. My temps have been in mid 97's since surgery so I will see if I get a temp spike in a few days. As for now I am saying that ovulation is about 24 hours away and I am prepared. Sorry Dr. H, not having sex for 4 weeks is out of question when this lady is ovulating!

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