Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Proud

I don't talk much about my daughter on this blog. I guess sometimes I am afraid of having a infertility blog and also having a daughter. I know that my loyal readers and friends don't care and totally support me regardless. Still feel guilty about it though.

I am putting all that aside today and bragging on my daughter! I am such a proud mother today and she deserves all the recognition for her accomplishment.

Our city along with school had a contest. It was called the Patriotic garbage can contest. Kids from high school painted garbage cans that would be placed all over our city in an effort to keep city clean. Well out of the the whole school and ALL the cans, guess who won?? Yes! My awesome amazing daughter Cierra. Here are some pics of her work..........

Congratulations Cierra. Everyday you amaze me with what a woman you are turning into. As a parent, I couldn't be more blessed.

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