Friday, May 17, 2013


Coming through this miscarriage and my surgery has made me want to change. Not sure if I shared it on here, but this lady is GRAY! If I didn't have my hair colored I would be about 90% covered at the age of 38. Here is a pic of me from a few days ago. You can see what I am talking about:
 My grow out is usually not this bad, but I had surgery on the week I usually get my hair done and that put me back two weeks.

I talked to my husband last night and told him I want a huge change for what I feel is like a new chapter in my life. My husband is so supportive, gosh I love that man.

Today after work I will be getting a pixie cut along with blonde hair with darker highlights. Major change.

I will post pictures of before and after.

Today is the first day of the "new" and "improved" Toni.

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