Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bad Drivers

Well most days I am mad that my husband doesn't read my blog, today I am happy. I am going to take a few minutes to rant and bitch about his driving skills. We both work downtown Oklahoma City and live about 30 miles away. On Mon, Wed, & Thu we carpool and he drives. Luckily traffic is pretty slow for about 15 miles from our house going into the city. Okay here are the two different ways he drives:
  • Sits in middle lane going well under speed limit and refuses to pass or go around slow vehicles. So we will be stuck behind the one slow car that is half a mile behind the rest of the traffic.                   (OR)
  •  We ride everyone asses all the way to work. When the car stops in front of us we ride up about a foot before hitting the bumper. This goes on and on until I drop him off to work or we get home. Also driving in the fast lane and not letting people merge in from a merging highway. It's not like they had the choice and they have to get over. 
I used to be very vocal about his approach on driving downtown and that led to dirty looks and a few short words to each other. Now I sit in passenger side and usually look at facebook or blogger. If it get to bad you might hear me say " Are you fucking serious!" yes that has come out of my mouth a few times. 

I haven't got to the best yet. He used to drive large trucks for a oxygen company. So course in heavy traffic etc. you put on your flashers. Well he does the same exact thing in my little Honda CRV and it irritates the holy hell out of me!  He will stop about 1,000 feet back and turn on hazard flashers and then proceed ahead about 5 miles per hour.

I know you are asking yourself, why not just drive myself? That is a great question. Even though I hate my husbands driving with a purple passion. I would have what some people refer to road rage. I can not deal with ignorance on the highway. If you tailgate me, I will break check your ass in two seconds. It gets a lot worse then that but I hope to have a few people not think I am bat shit crazy if I tell all of my driving issues. In my defense I have almost a perfect driving record. No accidents, one ticket when I was 16. Al tells me that I am going to get myself killed one day or someone else. I have tried breathing slowly and repeating to myself. "Tonisha don't worry about the assholes driving, get home safely" so all and all it might be safer for Al to drive us and I can just be irritated.  

Do any of you have to commute with your spouses to and from work? Any issues with your significant others driving skills?


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