Friday, November 30, 2012

Take Back & Funny Infertility Friday

Thinking I should take back the comment that femera doesn't have any side effects. This second round I have really noticed them. I am also on a higher dosage. Dizziness is the worst, headache, backache, and nausea. I thought it was a miracle drug compared to clomid, wrong. Oh well I only have this cycle and one more before I start my Follistim, so I can definitely deal with it.

 Had my blood work done on Wednesday for my RPL. Waiting to hear back. I know that the karotyping can take up to five weeks. I hope that I get my other results before then. I have already prepared myself for everything to come back normal with the exception of maybe vitamin D defecieny. That seems to be pretty common.

Funny Infertility Friday. Sorry if I have posted this one already, I am running low on pics :) Hope everyone has great weekend.

 BTW::::CycleSista's are back in commission. For the longest time it took you to the bike link. If you click on mine at the top right, it will take you to their page.

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