Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mom & Daughter Day

Well Al went to Arkansas this weekend to visit his family. They called us Wednesday night asking if we wanted to come up this weekend for early Thanksgiving. I already had plans to get mine and Cierra's hair done today. We stayed home and Al took his dog Porter for the weekend. 

I had a really nice day with my teenager today. We had our hair done, went out to early dinner and then I dropped her off at a friends house. They are going to watch a movie then come back here and spend the night. 

I colored my hair dark brown with red highlights. Cierra went with a brown and blonde ombre color.

The owner of the salon asked if Al has quit feeding me. Confused I answered no? Then she went on to say I lost a lot of weight and look really skinny, SCORE!! I told her it was the fertility drugs making me swell up like a blowfish and now I am finally losing all of that. What a nice compliment to receive. It totally made my day :)

CD9 and started peeing on ovulation strips... Only one line today. Doctors appointment on Tuesday.

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