Monday, November 12, 2012

To Sew or not to sew

That is the question....

I think it is very possible I may indeed be to much of a perfectionist going into this sewing journey. I was very happy that after six hours yesterday I figured out how to thread needle and attach to bobbing when it comes apart (Sad huh). Oh whoever made the picture instructions and/or written instructions obviously did it for someone that is NOT a sewing machine virgin. I sat there yesterday and just stared at my machine, looked at the parts and finally figured things out. Since I made such an accomplishment with that, I figured what the hell, and tore my whole first blanket apart and started over. The second is better, but I still see crooked lines in it and I hope its not enough to make me take this one apart also and start over again. If I keep the way I have been going, I will never have the stupid thing done. I am waiting until Christmas and taking quilt and machine to my MIL in Arkansas to help me machine quilt it and put on binding. I just hate when it takes me such a long time to figure something out and do it right! Obviously that is why we are still working on the pregnancy thing for almost three years (Lol. Sorry couldn't resist on that one).

Well here is a pic of my (somewhat) better quilt topper. As of today it will live another day.
 As you can see I am trying to add white border all the way around it. As of now I have stopped to figure out if it needs to come apart again.

Baby making news:
U/S Tomorrow
Trigger Shot ?

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