Sunday, November 25, 2012


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend. I personally don't go shopping on Black Friday, but did order a t.v online and got great deal. Today I am braving the crowds at the mall to take my daughter shopping for clothes. This year with her being 15, all she wants is new clothes and shoes. So since I am completely nontraditional, she is getting her Christmas present today. I am probably the only person in the world that absolutely depises Christmas. I hate what the holiday has become. I don't like Christmas music, I hate Christmas trees, the little reindeer horns and noses for peoples cars drive me insane. I do suffer through the holiday due to the fact that my husband loves Christmas. Just a heads up, you won't see me wearing any Christmas sweaters etc.

Well our Thanksgiving weekend went pretty well. I stayed very busy. On Friday we had my Sister and BIL come help us rip down paneling in the loft (Cierras room) and hang sheetrock. Whoever built this house decided that would paneling was super awesome and covered the whole living room and loft in it. Problem though, our living room ceiling is super high and we have the wood beams running across. To fix that paneling would be so hard! I hope that changing out what we can will make a difference on resale when we move to Colorado. I worked in loft for about 10 hours yesterday taping and mudding, then painting. I hope it turns out great. My hubby is going to finish it today while we are out shopping.

On TTC news. Today is cd1 and it looks like I am completely back on schedule. AF started on exactly day 10 as she always does. I knew from the beginning that something as simple as femera and TI wasn't going to fix a problem that IVF and IUI couldn't. It was still nice to try though :) This month I am raising my femera to 7mg and see if that does anything. My husband told me this morning that his insurance is being changed at work from Aetna to Cigna. I wonder if that means we might get possible infertility coverage? I am kinda excited to hear about the benefits. Hopefully at the very least it still covers office visits, u/s and bloodwork like now.

Well have a great day!!!

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