Thursday, November 8, 2012


I had to wait for my husband to email me the doctor orders on our testing. Here is a list of what test we are having done next cycle.

Anti-throglobulin antibodies      Covered 100% by insurance
Thyroid peroxidase antibodies   Covered 100% by insurance
Prothrombin (factor II) mutation 
Karyotyping             Covered 100% by insurance
Protein C activity
Protein S activity
TSH                 Covered 100% by insurance
Antimullerian hormone     Covered 100% by insurance
Day 3 FSH          Covered 100% by insurance
Day 3 Estradiol   Covered 100% by insurance
Vitamin D3  Covered 100% by insurance

I guess from what he told  me, this is a general work up after recurrent losses. Almost all of my losses have been before 6 weeks expect for my first one back in 1999 and I was about 8 weeks then and had a blighted ovum. I am very interested to see if these test pick anything up. If they are come back normal then I know that there is absolutely no reason why we can't get pregnant. Yes it has been almost three years, but I stick to statistics that it will happen.

Btw I really love femera! I haven't had any of the nasty side effects with this like I did with clomid. Last night was last dose of it and I feel activity going on in my ovaries. I sure hope that I get more then one good follicle. If not, I will work with what I have :)

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