Monday, November 5, 2012

Sick of Negativity!

Is it possible for a person suffering through infertility (like me) to be absolutely fed up with negativity? If you are offended easily you may want to stop reading here and move on to another blog. I am going to piss in some cheerios today. Also if you feel this post is about you, please feel free to message me. I am a very honest person. I just don't want to call specific people out on a public forum. 

So here it goes.................................

I joined a  infertility facebook page a few months back because it was private and I wanted another place besides my blog to vent and meet new people going through this. I loved the Attain page, but facebook made changes and everything I posted on there started showing up on my friends news feeds. Not good, not good at all. At first there were only about 15 or 20 of us and I loved it so much. Great advice, support and a bunch of wonderful ladies. Now it had turned into a complete bitch, whine, who has bigger problems forum. There are a few ladies on the page that bitch 100% of the time. You think at the beginning of post it will actually be something postive for once and BAM more negative and whinning.  I know it is hard to believe, but I do consider myself a compassionate person for the most part. Now when I have to start reading post that are like watching freaking reruns that go like this:

  • I saw a girl the other day that is pregnant. Damn her to hell blah blah blah
  • My sister in law is pregnant again. Damn her to hell blah blah blah
  • My coworker is pregnant and she is only 20. Damn her to hell blah blah
We ALL know that regardless how painful infertility is, the world truly goes on, it really does. All the other woman in the world including, crack heads, teenagers, fertile myrtles, skinny woman, fat woman, black woman, white woman, Hispanic etc. they aren't going to stop having babies because 10% of us can't.  Geez if the world really worked like that!

Okay then other complaints from those of us like me that already have one child, either through birth or adoption. Why in the hell are you taking away from the young babies you have at home already to be on facebook 24/7 complaining you want kids naturally over the ones you adopted? Yes I get that we all want our own children, but if you have any kind of child under the age of 5 in your house right now, love them, love them, love them. Hell mine is 15 and I love her daily. I know that I was so  lucky to have been blessed with her!

Okay this is when it goes to far. I don't want to know that your husband is a shitty guy and your marriage is horrible, but you don't want to take logically advice like SEE A DAMN COUNSELOR! No, you want to buy him something to make things better? 

See this post has turned me into negative Nellie! I know that alot of you totally disagree with me and most of you feel that I shouldn't say anything due to the fact that I am suffering with secondary infertility. That is fine, you are welcome to your own opinions. I won't even argue that case right now. The only thing I want people to understand is.........................................


Instead of using 100% of your energy to be negative about everything, everyday, look around.

You are alive! That is more then some people can say. Shit be thankful for that, if not for anything else.

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