Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November ICLW

Hi bloggers visiting from ICLW! Welcome to my life :) Here is a little rundown:

I suffer from secondary infertility. Had my daughter in 1997 and no luck since then. 

My husband and I tried multiple rounds of clomid and natural cycles before being referred over to the RE.

We were accepted into a study called A.M.I.G.O and were able to have four medicated iui's with Menopur. This study was for couples with unexplained infertility and no other issues. We ended up with two chemical pregnancies.

After failed iui's I had a hysterscopy to see removed adheisons from my uterus.

Moved on to ivf. 1st one we transferred to grade B embryos day 5. Had a very hard transfer due to ridges on my uterus and it took over an half in half. Very tramatic on my uterus and probably a big reason it failed.

Had another hysterscopy to remove ridges off my uterus and fibroid behind my cervix.

Moved forward with ivf #2. This time we transferred (3) grade b (3) day embryos and I started getting positives on hpts at 9DPO. Was feeling good. Started spotting and thought it was implantation. First beta was 58 at 10Dp3DT couldn't believe it. Second beta was 158 at 12Dp3DT. It all went down hill after that. Still spotting daily, my numbers continued to rise but not appropiately and I ended up in the ER for ectopic pregnancy. After 7 weeks of crazy hcg bloodwork etc. my levels finally hit zero.

We are now 5DPO on femera with trigger and TI. Unfortunately we can not afford anymore ivf's. Hoping to start iui with Follistim next February. Until then we will do a few cycles of femera. OF course I am not hopeful that this will work after all else has failed. I am thankful to be back in the ttc game though. 

Thanks for stopping by my little end of the world!

Since I won't be at work Friday, here is Funny Infertility Friday Early Edition:

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