Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Things are....................

truly unexplained. As in in infertility. I had my consult today with Dr. H and it was a great meeting. I choose to see only the positive in my struggle from here on out. I am a text book example of secondary unexplained infertility. I used to look at this diagnosis with confusion and anger, wishing I had a solild reason for not being able to get pregnant. Well folks, there isn't anything. From today on out, instead of thinking about why I can't get pregnant, I am choosing to see this diagnosis as "there is NO reason why I can't get pregnant". Here are some of the questions and answers during our consult.

We did talk about the (3) chemical pregnancies and this last loss with ivf. He is going to run a complete reccurent pregnancy loss panel. This will consist on testing many different levels and also a karotype. He went on to say that everyone has chromosomal issues with embryos and that is the reason that early miscarriage occurs. The difference between us and a normal fertile person is, they don't know it's an early loss because they aren't testing at 10PO. I have read the statistics on chemical pregnancies before.  He knows that Al and I have decided not to do anymore ivf cycles. He thinks that the medicated iui's is not a step back and is a good choice do to the fact that there are no known issues with either of us. We are going to do (3) femera cycles with trigger and TI. Then on to Iui's with Follistim. 

I guess there isn't much to report until after all of our blood work has been done and returned. Karotyping can take up to 5 weeks. 

So I think this consult was a success. I can't expect certain answers to questions if there are no answers to be had. 


Today is CD6 and last day of Femera. I go in for ultrasound next Tuesday. 

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