Monday, November 26, 2012

Loft Renovation Pics

It is hard to get good pics of the loft because it is so small. We tore down all the old wood paneling that was bowing and hanging. Since our house is super small at 1200. We have two bedrooms down stairs and then the loft upstairs. Cierra liked it up there so I decided to turn the downstairs bedroom into a craft room/office. Here are some pictures from our renovation that took all weekend long.

As you can see, it was pretty dark, nasty and almost scary up there!

Before you look at the new pics, please remember my daughter is DIE HARD ONE DIRECTIONER (that means fan, but the kids call themselves directioners). She also picked out the laffy taffy yellow room.

It is hard to tell in this blurry photo, but we laid down laminate flooring over in the cubby corner that the wall was knocked down.

Also on Thanksgiving, we took  our nieces to spend the night with us (Thanksgiving tradition). We went downtown OKC so they could see the Christmas decorations going up around the Devon Building. All of the decorating is still going on, but here are some pics!

Unfortunately all these pics were taken with my husbands phone because he took the memory card out of camera and left it at home. Yes I might have been a little upset with him.

 TTC Front:

Go in on Wednesday for baseline and start Femera 7.5 .

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