Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This & That

It has been a very frustrating and bad week. I had to take my daughter to Childrens hospital yesterday. She has been having some issues lately and her stomach and bowels are completely full of stool. She is going to need a colonoscopy. We weren't able to get a appointment until the end of January. They want her to do a colon cleanse this weekend. Poor kid......

I have my u/s this Friday and not feeling to hopeful. I don't feel anything going on downstairs. Usually I feel the pressure, bloating etc. Ended up taking 7.5 mg of Femara this cycle also. Told a friend yesterday that I have a feeling this cycle is a bust and I haven't even ovulated yet.

Talked to my clinic yesterday regarding my D3 levels. I asked about up'ing my dosage of D3 since I have been supplementing for months now and my levels were still on 26. Waiting on a call back. Oh and I took ibuprofen this morning because nothing else was available at work and my migraines are back. Yes, I am a complete whine bag today.

I am not sure why I am allowing this week to get to me some much. It has just put me in a bad mood. I will update on my u/s Friday. Thinking I would be lucky to have one half ass follicle.

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