Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Infertility Facebook Page

Hey ladies, just a reminder, I set up a private facebook group for infertility support. We also have plenty of pregnant woman on there too. We have all or are all suffering from infertility and this is a nice little group to have some support if interested.

I have a link at the top right corner of my page called Infertility Journey or you can just do a search on facebook for us.

Today is 3DPIUI. This is first time I have ever used the Prometrin suppositories and they are DISGUSTING! Out of all the progesterone support I have ever used, these break the record for being the nastiest things ever. EWWW! Other then that I have nothing to share about my iui :) 

I did talk to my RE the other day, he wanted to call personally and  tell me that all of our RPL blood work came back completely normal. I asked him if we could go ahead early next year and do the LAP surgery. I am still completely torn on this surgery. I hate to have it and they find nothing, but I would be more upset to not have it and there is something. I guess after this surgery, we have done everything to find out what is wrong with us and found nothing. He said whenever I am ready he will do the surgery. Oh I also googled  *how many iui's have you had done* the other day. The highest amount I found was 10 before the woman was successful. Wonder if I will beat the record? LOL.... I can tell everyone when we get pregnant that it took 2 ivfs and 20 iuis. Wouldn't that be something? 

I would definitely deserve this pin!

Hoping everyone has a great Wednesday! I am sitting at work alone as always :)

How many of you have horrible incompetent co-workers? What do you do to tolerate them?

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