Monday, December 17, 2012


Not much to report on my cycle today. I think it was a bust again. Luckily I have prepared myself for this outcome. Just waiting for cd1 to show up so I can start medications again. I wanted to do a Follistim cycle this go around, but with monitoring it is going to fall on Christmas and we will be out of town. Guess I will do another round of femara with iui this go around and then move back to Follistim. 

I mentioned this on my facebook infertility group, but forgot to blog about it. I ordered some more fabric this weekend to make baby quilts. I haven't finished my first one yet, but it should be done in next week. My MIL is going to show me how to back and quilt it. Then it is off to a special lady who is now pregnant after infertility. That is my plan with these quilts. I want to send them out to woman who have suffered through this disease and are now pregnant. Of course I am not fast enough yet or good enough to make it for everyone who I follow on here, but I will do my best to get my bases covered. I am really excited about this! 

Any big plans for Christmas?

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