Thursday, December 6, 2012

As Predicted............

As predicted, my test have all came back completely normal. I received word yesterday that my Karotyping was back and it was normal. All my ovarian reserve test came back absolutely fine. Still waiting on a few more, but as of now I am in every way, shape, and form able to get pregnant. I wish that my body would get the memo on this. We are still waiting on my husbands karyotyping to also come back. 

I am looking forward to this weekend. My sister, BIL, & nieces are taking a trip to California for Christmas. We are having a little early Christmas dinner and gift exchange before they leave. I bought the girls those silly stompeez. If you don't know what they are, it's slippers that when you stomp the ears of bunny etc. move up and down. There a few different animals. I also buy them a yearly membership to the zoo. The girls love going and seeing all the animals. Al is going to deep fry a turkey and since it is going to be cold (Finally!) we will have a nice entertaining fire lit. It should be a nice weekend. Unfortunately my daughter will be going through her colon cleanse, so she may just keep to herself.

Gosh we need more nieces and nephews so I can spoil them!! We have Al's side of family, but never see the kids much. When they lived here for short period of time, it was fun seeing them and spoiling them :) My sister is done having children so I guess it is up to Al
's two sisters :) Either that or we will just have to adopt random friends kiddos to spend money on... I don't think any of my friends with have an objection to that. 

Well today is CD11. On my ovulation strip,  the line is still light. Go in for u/s tomorrow. I keep thinking to myself that I am wasting money with Timed Intercourse cycles. I almost wonder if I shouldn't just wait until February to start our iui with injections again. One of my fellow bloggers is doing a protocol of femara the first few days of stims and then Follistim for the last few. I am going to talk with RE about that idea. Injectable medication is so freaking expensive and especially without any coverage on it. Hoping he will say yes to give it a shot, and then it will produce some good follicles :) Only about 8 more weeks until treatment, come on time please fly by. 

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