Friday, December 7, 2012


I just left the doctors office like 30 minutes ago and swore I was not going to share this news until later. With that being said, we all know I have a big mouth!

I went into my RE's office this morning for my cd12 u/s. I haven't been feeling much going on downstairs. Assuming I had only one half ass mature follicle would be good at this point. After pants down and legs up, insert dildo cam, I had (3) mature follicles. Two on my right and one of my left. Since my doctor wasn't in today, Dr. C (which I love her) asked about doing an iui this month. I went on to explain that DH was wanting to wait after the new year for treatment like that. She then asked if it was due to finances or what. I told her it was due to the physically and mental exhaustion of a failed ivf cycle with ectopic pregnany. That really took so much out of both of us. She did understand. I was then given a specimen cup and instruction for both TI or if we wanted to come in Sunday for iui. I asked how much and was told it would be $301. She also drew me a nice picture of my vagina, cervix, and uterus to show how many sperm reach what point etc. I almost wanted to keep and post on here. Pretty funny stuff! I called my husband and said " Al you have asked what I wanted for Christmas, I know now. I want an iui" Yes I did say that. How many do you know that will ask for a fertility treatment over diamonds for Christmas? Probably most of us on here :)
After some talking, he agreed.

We are having our iui this Sunday!!!!!!  (actually #5) 

but this means we are back on the ttc train.......................................

SHHHH please. I don't want alot of people knowing this information. I am trying to keep our treatments from this point forward pretty quiet.

Hope everyone has great weekend :) 

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