Sunday, December 9, 2012

IUI #5

Ask me almost three years ago if I thought I would be to this point today? The answer was of course no. We left the house this morning bright and early at 6:15 for our transfer on iui#5. It feels so weird going back to iui's after my failed ivf's, but it also feels good. In my mind I have already accepted the fact that ivf is a past and soon to be distant treatment that failed and we have to move on.

Here is a rundown on todays procedure:

Sperm count was 30 million
(3) follicles which were (2) 16's and (1) 18 on Friday.

The transfer was difficult as always. After about half an hour the doctor pulled out ole faithful (the ivf catheter). I bled and am still spotting some along with a few cramps. Every time we have a transfer of any kind my doctor always apologizes. Of course I say, its fine and it is the price we are paying for a baby.

As odd as this may sound, I am happy to be doing treatments again. I feel blessed that we are able to at least afford iui's and maybe this time, next time or 10 more times, we will achieve our ultimate goal and be pregnant.

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