Monday, December 10, 2012


I had a pretty busy weekend. Friday I went in for my second laser tattoo treatment. Man that hurt! I really can't wait to see the finished product though, very excited!! Here is a pic (kinda gross though)

We had our sister and her family over for a early Christmas dinner on Sunday. It was a huge success. Al fried a turkey and it was so juicy. My sister bought my daughter a Harry Styles cardboard cutout and she started to cry she was so happy. I video taped in on my phone, but for some reason it is upside down. Here is a pic of her with Harry (LOL). I laugh every time I see this!!

 Here are a few more pics from our little get together.....

The girls with their Stompeez

The whole group with Harry!

I also wanted to say a few things. Here lately I have received so many comments about my positive attitude. This is something that has been very special for me within the last few months. I spent so long being angry and bitter. It took so much from me emotionally and physically. I guess one day it was like being hit over the head. I realized that all that what is happening to me is completely out of my control. I want to be happy and love my life for what it is. I think deep down I know that treatments will eventually work, we just have to stick with it and have hope. I told me doctor yesterday that they will see me every month until I get my bfp :) I also know that everyone will process their feelings differently and I don't want to place judgement on those people. I can tell you for me personally, this change of perspective has made my life good again and I am smiling. 


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