Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Christmas Miracle

13DPIUI and beautiful progression on pee sticks. 

 I wanted to give a bit of a update today. Are you ready for this? I have had basically no bleeding. Although I did have a little 10 minute episode yesterday of dark red blood, it was gone in no time. I am sick to my stomach, and it feels like pulling down in my uterus. Instead of being tired I have insomnia  bad. 

If you remember, we weren't going to start treatments up again until next year. I asked Al if he would give me an iui for Christmas not thinking much of it and well you can see the outcome. We had three beautiful follicles. I am definitely feeling more confident as the days go by and the bleeding is staying away and the numbers are going up. This happened to a girl that never believed in miracles and really hated Christmas. How can I still hate Christmas when I have been given the most precious gift a person could ask for? I will be very clear that even if this pregnancy doesn't become viable, I feel so extremely blessed for making it this far.

My nurse wanted to do beta #3 this Sunday, but we are going out of state to visit my husbands family. We didn't go see them last year because we were in the middle of a chemical pregnancy from iui and I was devastated. Since we have to do the blood test in 48 hour intervals, we have to wait until Thursday. I am stocked up on pee sticks and even if they stop getting as dark as I like, I will make it through. What ever will happen is going to happen. It is out of my control now and I can only do what is in my power to help this pregnancy along.

Just wanted to update you guys a little on the events within last few days. I GOT MY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE(S).

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