Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Lined Ladies!

Holy cow! Is it just me or have the last two months been filled with two lines everywhere? Since I started my blog in 2010 I have never seen so many of my infertile friends getting pregnant.

First of all let me say a huge congrats to all of you! I know there truly isnt anyone more deserving of a child then someone who has struggled.

In a way I am kinda sad for me but mainly super happy for all of the two lined ladies! Woop Woop!

Just wanted to give all of you a shout out. All of your hard work paid off and hopefully the rest of us will be there with you all soon.

Thought this was a fitting pic for you guys....

Before I forget. I didnt get a chance to individually answer everyone on my PCOS post yesterday. Thank all of you for the wonderful information!

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