Monday, May 21, 2012

Manic Monday

Today is cd4 and started my clomid last night. Of course the crazy dreams started night one and I dreamt of an ex boyfriend that I had, who is now deceased. I kept telling him that I knew he passed away and he was informing me that my information was incorrect. Weird, weird, weird......

Our camping trip was a success. Not one of the best trips weve had but it was good. Our camp ground didnt have water at each site. It was more of a community faucet and of course two greedy campers took their hoses and hooked up to them. Why are people so damn selfish? It worked out ok, we just unhooked the hoses when we needed to wash dishes. On saturday the wind was crazy all day long, blowing about 40mph. The dam was different then I remember and with the water levels so low it only had one gate opened. The winner of our fishing expedition was my nine year old neice who managed to catch about 7 or 8 perch, LOL. We had her birthday on Friday night and we bought her an old school pogo ball that I found on amazon. She loved it!  All and all we have a very nice time with family :)

Al had to drop me off at work this morning because he has a eye appointment later this afternoon and we commute My crv has been  paid off for 4 weeks now and he was hit after he dropped me off. Some guy not paying attention turned and hit him as he was going through a green light. Then the guy argued that he had a "green arrow" including there are NO arrows on that light. Al is ok and my vehicle needs some body work. It took out the headlight and front fender plus bumper. It just makes me so mad that people dont pay attention while driving! I am happy that Al was there to deal with that situation because the mood I am in today, it would have not been all flowers and rainbows if I had dealt with him!

Here are some pics from this weekend.

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