Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Call Back

Yesterday while I was at the Dermatologist office, I had a voicemail from my RE's office. From the voicemail I am willing to bet that they dont want to run additional test to see if I have PCOS. She said that Dr. H looked at my chart and she was calling me back instead of emailing because there was alot to communicate to me. Obviously if they thought testing was due, then she would have just set up a time for me to come in. Of course I wont know for sure until she calls me back today (hopefully).

Let me tell you that being a Dermatologist is not a luxurious job by any means. I had some nasty moles, skin tags and a growth under my arm that I wanted removed before we leave for Mexico. The doctor was so young and she was very peppy and pretty. She lifted up my arm and the thing growing under there didnt freak her out a bit. I guess under that there was a blackhead. She popped that like it wasnt nothing and then showed me and proceeded to tell me how she enjoys popping peoples blackheads. I thought it was a spider bite or something, lol. For some reason I was thinking they would freeze the moles off but no luck. They were shaved off with a razor. Blood usually doesnt phase me, but I think seeing it along with bloody razor blade and my skin did it. I seriously turned green around the gills. I have never felt so sick, so quickly. Great news is, I am ugly growth free for our vacation. Just a little sore.

I will update when I hear back from my RE. Btw today is 3DPO. Should I be a little hopeful this cycle? I was until I read about clomid giving false positive frequently. Between the clomid and the prometrium, I am having serious cramps, peeing all the time and tired. Funny I have more side effects from a little pill of prometrium then I have from a huge shot of progesterone oil....


So I just heard back and there are some indications I could have PCOS. The doctor said if I did have it, it would be a "soft case" which means super mild case of it. He said that my ovaries look great for my age but there signs of PCOS by looking. He also stated its not as simple as saying yes or no I do or dont have it. He offered to run more blood test on me and actually said he would be more then happy to run any test I wanted. But, he did stress that even if I do have a mild case, it WONT change my treatment. So it is fully up to me at this point. Since my insurance doesnt cover any of this and we are out of pocket over $20,000 this year already, I think I am going to opt for not doing further testing since it wont change my current treatment plan.

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