Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This and That

This post is filled with everything from the kitchen sink. Today I am CD12 and been off of the clomid for a few days. So far my ovulation strips are negative and to be honest we havent been BDing within the last few days. Im not sure if its because we have so much going on getting ready for our trip, or the point that we just arent into it this month. Heck I have even lapsed on taking my baby asprin and vitamins for the last four days.

On the ivf front. I am still in the same mindset as before. I wish I could get excited for it, but I'm not at all. We still have 5 boxes of 900iu Follistim and will at least have 4 boxes left after ivf so I plan on using them with a few injectable iui's after this last ivf. The doctor said that an injectable cycle is anywhere from 3,000 - 5,000. I am  hoping since we have the medications that the cost will go way down.

Cozumel is in 4 days. I am super nervous about various issues on this subject. The resort we are staying in has horrible reviews lately. More bad then good. Of course 98% of those bad reviews are from people that didnt upgrade to the exclusive side like we did. I have researched and prepared. So most of the things that are negative, I have pretty well prepared for. I think if you go to an all inclusive resort and dont pay that much money, you shouldnt have high expectations. I told Al the other night that as long as we have food, water and air conditioning in the room I will be happy. All of the reviews have talked about how beautiful the beach is and what great snorkeling is on the resort due to all of the reefs. I am super nervous about the flight..... I took a valium this weekend as a test run. I really didnt notice a huge difference. I do hope it is enough to take the edge off while in the air. I also hate large groups of people. I have panic attacks when I am around them. That is one of the reasons we booked the exclusive side of resort. It is further from the beach and more in jungle area and suppose to be less crowded. Of course most people going on tropical vacation want beach front. See it is absolutely possible for a person as high strung as me to get stressed over vacation.

There are so many ultrasounds and betas this week and next in our little community. Of course I wish the best to all of you! A good friend of mine I met through the Attain site was finally able to get pregnant after a long struggle. She found out last week that the pregancy wasnt viable. She was 9w1d. My heart breaks for her. I know that she is a very strong woman and will make it through this time. If only wishes came true and I had my own genie, I would wish that every single person suffering through infertility would be able to concieve and have a beautiful baby. I used to think I would wish for a nice house or boat or lots of money. That stuff is all material and doesnt mean a thing anymore. The happiness of others is a very rewarding feeling.

OH! before I forget, my husband finished our camper this weekend and got the custom decals put on....

Well lets get through this week, then I can hop on the flying death machine to paradise. You might want to watch the NBC nightly news the days I am flying, LOL.

Here is a pic of what I have to look forward to.....
One final thing. This next picture promises a good laugh to anyone having a rough day. Al was cleaning out the garage this weekend and found my old picture box. This is a picture of me and my sister when my grandmother thought it was a great idea to get our hair permed and dress us like twins (even though we are a year in half a part). To say the least, we were pissed that we looked like two show poodles or as a friend referred to us as " a qtip broken in half!

Any of you having little girls, please for the love of  human kind, dont do this to them :)

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