Sunday, May 6, 2012

200th Post and then some.

Its hard to believe but this is my 200th post! I have definitely had so many different emotions though out these post's, happiness, sadness, anger, and sometime pure boredom. The best thing about blogging, is you. I have met some pretty amazing woman through this blog. Actually very amazing ladies. Some of us have finally jumped the fence to the other side and some of us are still climbing. But we have ALL been here for each other regardless and that is something that most of us IRL don't have. Thank you all for sticking with me this long through my own personal journey of secondary infertility. 

On a separate note I had something pretty amazing happen last night. I got a positive ovulation strip. This is my first time ever and the weirdest thing was I felt a lot of action happening in my ovaries yesterday. The clomid did its job finally. I know the chances of conceiving on a natural cycle with a little bit of clomid is almost slim to none, but I feel accomplished that I actually ovulated. Small feats my friends, small feats.

Only 28 days until Mexico!!!

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