Friday, May 18, 2012

Drawn to Drama and Funny Friday Pic

I find myself always drawn to shows that are about babies and dramatic. Why do I subject myself to watch Sixteen and Pregnant, I didnt know I was Pregnant and the newest, Birth Moms. Last night was the first time I seen this show and I literally wanted to jump into the t.v and strangle some woman. Obviously its a show about adoption. Typical young ladies who made bad decisions or had a hard life trying to give their children a better one. That I can understand..... I guess as a woman trying for years to have a child, what I cant wrap my head around is the fact of popping pills, smoking, drinking, and stealing while you are 8 months pregnant? It all really upset me when these girls were looking at profiles on national tv, tearing potential adoptive parents apart, Really? Yes they blur out the pic somewhat, but if you were one of those people you would recognize yourself and then be subjected to some irresponsible twit making horrible comments about you. Ugh I want to write TLC and tell them this show is wrong in so many ways! First and foremost it is so very insenstive to couples struggling to have children. Secondly it is in very bad taste. I think last night was my first and last time to watch that crap. IF any of you have seen this series, please give me some feedback.

CD1.......One more month of clomid!

One day closer to Mexico!

I will be out of pocket all weekend and catch up on posts when I get back into town. Hopefully I will have a great fish story to share :)

Before I forget, my funny Friday pic.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

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