Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

I hope I can keep you with me during this post today. First of all, is there anyone out there taking COQ10? If so, is it me or does it taste like the smell of a perm? I always knew perms smelled bad but they taste worse, promise you that.

Oklahoma has some of the worst drivers in the nation. I would go out on a limb to say including other countries but I think Mexico has us beat. Coming to work this morning in the fast lane of a major interstate a County Sheriff decides to go from 70 to a complete stop so he can park in the grass median area. No slowing down to warn people, just brakes. My freaking orange juice went everywhere and I think we have 3 less inches of tread on tires. The mood I am in this morning, Mr. Sheriff recieved the middle finger from Mrs. Rapp. It had to be done. That is purely unacceptable! I could really go on all day and then some about the drivers here in Oklahoma. Maybe the majority of them took their test driving a fucking tractor. Yes I might have some rage today and even a little anger. Just bad day people, bad, bad day.

I talked to the doctors office the other day about starting prometrium during two week wait. They called some in and told me to start taking it after ovulation (3) days to be exact. On my clomid calculator it said that ovulation would take place from 5/1 - 5/6. On the first I felt pain in ovaries but didnt have any ovulation strips, they just came in yesterday. I tested last night and this morning and the second line is FAINT. Since I have never tested positive on these damn things, I am at a complete loss on what I should do. Should I test until the 6th and then start prometrium or just not worry about it this cycle? It was so much easier being monitored through the doctor. Doing this shit on your own is crap. I can only do one more clomid cycle since we will start bcp in July and hopefully my surgery around the same time.

Did I tell you that I start stims on August 11th? That means that retreival will be either on my birthday or a day before/after. Either way that is kind of cool! I have been on a new vitmain regimin suggested by the lovely woman on here. I did order some all natural prenatal vitamins from GNC that you can take on an empty stomach. They taste like all natural vitamins also (you know the tree taste)? I love them, only downfall is I take them three times a day. Also on asprin, COQ10 and B-12. Will this make any difference for my next ivf? I have no clue but it doesnt hurt to try.

Lastly, I am on the fence about spending another $1,000 on acupuncture. It obviously didnt do anything for my egg quality the last go around. It did help with my horrible headaches and some stress relief. Is stress relief really worth $1,000?

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