Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Part II

So last night on the way home, my husband informed me on how he felt about "self diagnosis". I wont lie, it pissed me off and I voiced my opinion on that. I am not self diagnosing myself, I am simply asking the doctor to run somemore test that could possible have a different outcome. I just find it a little disturbing that I have so many of the symptons on this list. Isnt it worth looking into? Sometime I get so upset that Al has such blind faith in our doctor. I dont anymore. I havent tried to cover that up and have been very honest about it since our failed ivf. I have lost faith in my doctor. But I dont have a choice because we made a hasty decision on our ivf(s) and now we are stuck with him until its over. Do I think he is a good doctor? Yes I do. I also think that he has such a overwhelming work load that some patients may not get 100% like they deserve. Can I tell my husband that? No he gets his panties in a knot everytime I even try to suggest that maybe our doctor should do additional testing etc. Plus it doesnt help that Al works for this hospital either. I am still waiting to hear back from them to see if they will do additional testing on me.

Is researching really a bad thing? Who doesnt want to prepare themselves with information? Is your doctor always going to care as much about your health and treatment as you do?

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