Friday, August 30, 2013


I printed our boarding passes a few hours ago. Looks like this is actually going to happen. I won't lie though, I started medicating myself with Xanax a few hours ago and will continue this until we land in Chicago tomorrow around 4:00pm.

I have so many emotions going on right now and I am trying to stay focused on the task at hand. I think my biggest fear is having all of my test come back normal. At this point I think that is the biggest slap in the face that I could possibly have. Al keeps reassuring me that regardless what happens, we are seeing the best doctor and if there is anything to find, she will find it. My appointment with her is broke down into 4 different appointments on Tuesday, September 3rd;

8:45 am  - U/s
10:00 am - Labs
10:30 am - Gyn
11:00 am- Consult with Dr. KK

I am sure that none of my test will be back for a few weeks after our appointment. Instead of waiting any longer, Al and I decided to move forward with IUI #6 at the end of September.

I will take lots of pictures during our trip and hopefully have some news to share when we get back.

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