Monday, August 19, 2013


We had a wonderful time on our trip to Arkansas this weekend. My SIL's husbands family owns about 1,000 acres on a beautiful mountain. I made the comment that if I lived there, I don't believe I would ever leave the mountain. Our niece and nephew are growing up so fast and it does make me a little sad that they don't really know us. We visit on Christmas and once a year for a birthday. Our visit was full of great laughs and fun with the kids. We all loaded up after the party and my SIL's husband took us on a tour of their 1,000 acres and also showed us where they plan on building their future home. All I can say is WOW! Waking up every morning with those views. I took pictures, but they just don't do the scenery any justice. Of course I will still share with you guys.

Al's niece Kenzie

 Al's nephew Conner

 Al's Dad, Mom, Cierra and Conner

After we got back yesterday, I tried my hand at binding. I was so frustrated and angry by the time I was done. Why can't my projects just turn out perfect and make it easier on everyone? You can't really tell from the pictures, but the edges are wrinkly.

Okay on to my "perfect birthday" gift I recieved from my husband and daughter!
My very own rocking chair for the front porch! I absolutely love it. I sat out there last night with my iced tea and watched the dogs run around, listened to the birds chirping. What a beautiful night it was.

Btw, today is my 38th birthday. I didn't think I was going to be excited about it and boy was I wrong. This year has so many good things in store for me ( I just know it). No, I am not talking specifically about a baby either, but that would be the cherry on top. I am going to embrace this year with everything I have.

14 more days!!!!!

TTC News:
I talked to Dr. KK office this morning. I wanted to start Femara with this cycle. She said I could, but would prefer I wasn't on any medications and/or vitamin supplements. I want to ensure I get the most accurate testing possible so I have decided not to take Femara and just wait until next month.

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