Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby quilting update

Not sure if I have told you that I am slowly getting back into the groove of doing my pregnancy after infertility baby quilts again. Here is a little preview of what I have been up to within the last week.

Tonight I finally finished these special quilts for a friend and fellow blogger. For her little boy "H" and her little girl "E"

 I also started a set of cute little girl owl quilts. When I saw the fabric at Hobby Lobby I knew I needed to make a quilt out of it, but didn't know at the time who it would be for. After starting the toppers, I knew immediately who I wanted to have this set of quilts. She is a friend and fellow blogger who knows the infertility struggle all to well and is now pregnant with twins. 

 As of today I only have the one of left completely done. The one on right is only the topper and still under caring construction..

Finally this is a quilt I started messing around with two weeks ago. I didn't have any pattern in mind. I dug through my fabric box and just started cutting and sewing. This is what I came up with and I have to say I really love this quilt. Unlike all my other quilts, this one is going to my 1st cousin. She struggled for five years to get pregnant again and is now expecting a little girl in another month.

Thank you special ladies for letting me share these quilts with you. I love looking at your beautiful babies on quilts that were made from lots of love. I hope to continue this for years to come.

TTC Front:   13 DAYS until Dr. KK!! Someone also donated some more medications to me. It is so awesome to have such kindness in the world!

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