Monday, August 5, 2013

Life is good.................

I have been so extremely nervous and anxious about our upcoming trip to Chicago for months now. As of today we officially have 25 more days until we fly out and 27 more days until we see Dr. Kim. I find myself talking about the possibilities all the time with Al now. I worked on stocking up on fertility medications for the last few months and have enough now to do about 9 months worth of treatment. I also have stocked up on other things that I'm sure Dr. Kim will prescribe for me. Al and I decided that the remainder of this year we are going to most likely do TI w/medications. Maybe one iui before 2014. Once 2014 gets here I am planning on getting pregnant! That will be our last full year of the ttc journey before moving on to other avenues of our life together. Since I have been pregnant six times within the last two years, I can confidently say we don't have issues getting pregnant just staying pregnant. I can also say with 100% confidence that I do believe Dr. Kim is going to put me on a protocol that will be much more helpful to me than what my RE currently has us doing. With that being said, I do believe that my RE is doing everything he is capable of to help us get pregnant. After seeing Dr. Kim we will still see Dr. H and  they will work together on getting us pregnant. 

I believe that 2014 is our year!!!!

As you know we decided to take a break this cycle because I didn't want to take the chance of getting pregnant and messing things up with my visit. Our plane tickets are non-refundable and I would hate to be out of pocket that money. More than anything, I am so ready to get back to medications and aggressively ttc again. 

Luckily we have the next few weekends planned so that will help pass time until we fly out on August 31st. In two weeks we are driving to Arkansas for our nieces 2nd birthday. My bosses also bought a new office building outside of downtown (THANK YOU!) so we are packing and moving. My daughter is starting school and Vo-tech in next two weeks. She is going for her drivers permit test this Thursday. We have a company party coming up on the 24th, so lots of stuff to keep me occupied.

I couldn't imagine or want anyone else s life but mine. It is amazing how blessed we are in life with just the little things daily. 

Oh before I forget a BIG congratulations to Lisa Lynn on the birth of her beautiful son Graham. For any of you still in the trenches I highly recommend reading her blog. Talk about inspirational! This girl has been through it all and then some. I know she is a personal inspiration for me and I also know that she beat all the odds with this pregnancy, even when her RE told her she would need donor eggs and couldn't get pregnant with her own. Guess what, she did.

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