Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The little egg that didn't

The little egg that didn't have a chance this month *insert kinda sad face*.... In order to torture myself fully because obviously I need that, I have been temping this month and using my ovulation strips. This is what the little beauty looked like today:
Since I am not sure if I can still see Dr. Kim if I get pregnant, I decided to make the hard decision to not try to get pregnant this month. As I know it is only one month, I have to admit, this is truly killing me. It is so much harder than I thought it would be. I also think because I can't BD, that is all I want to do. Funny how those things work huh! Of course of the girls in my group yesterday had to go through the same last month because of a surgery and she so delicately stated they had to do the "pull out" method. I laughed so freaking hard! Also funny how we get to a point where we are very open about something that is usually a very private matter.

Okay well thanks for letting me vent a little. I will peek at my beautiful pee stick another 10 times and then remind myself of the bigger picture....

It is beautiful though............huh......................................

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