Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simple Sunday

Well this weekend has been beyond wonderful. Here in Oklahoma we usually are in the middle of a 100 degree heatwave this time of year. Yesterday I had my windows opened in the house all day long! It was 84 degrees yesterday and it looks like more 80's this week coming up. I think this amazing weather has done something wonderful for my soul this weekend. I started quilting again. Not quilting like I was, but quilting :) I have decided that I am going to make quilts and when they are done I can decide who I want to give them too. This way I am not under pressure to finish and trying to make quilts for all the ladies I know that are pregnant after infertility. I wish I had 3 set of arms though and that way I could make them for everyone, but unfortunately that is not an option.

Here are two quilts that I am working on this afternoon. It is owls and super cute. 

Topper #1

 Topper #2

Well Al and I took a drive to my new office building! To say I am excited would be a total understatement.  The bosses close on September 6th and this will be my new working environment.  Not sure if I get an office or not, but if not I am totally happy either way. I don't ever have to go to nasty downtown again and that makes it all worth it. Plus I have a beautiful little pond to look at every day and a back patio to sit on and eat lunch. How can you beat that?

Pretty nice huh? 

Well I am getting back to quilting. I will post better pictures later.

22 days!

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