Friday, August 23, 2013

It hit!

So today I feel like I have been hit in the face with a brick. The anxiety and panic decided to hit me full force today about flying. How is it even possible that a person can be so effected by flying in an airplane? Let me catch you up on the events of flying to Chicago.

My husband make our flight reservations about a month ago. We decided to drive four hours to fly out of Dallas and save a few hundred dollars. Great idea right! Well not exactly. As I am a planner on everything, today I decided to make sure I have the correct reservation numbers etc. for flight, rental car, hotel and so on. I went on Spirit Airlines webpage and pulled up our reservation and then it all started... 

#1 You pay extra for any bags, carry on or check in. You are allowed one small personal bag such as a purse, briefcase and/or backpack. 
Well Al and I decided last month to make our trip easier we would try to fit our clothes in one carry on suitcase each. I knew that would be a struggle. What I wasn't prepared for was the cost of each carry on bag. 

Like I said above, I am a planner. So today I ended up paying an additional $100 for two small carry on suitcases.

Now if you think it ends here you would be mistaken. I then looked further into our reservation and we were not assigned seats. Those are an additional cost also. So another $72 later Al and I were proud renters of airplane seats. Oh come to find out their seats are also smaller than the average airplane seat.

I know I did tell you when Al booked with this airline I did a quick review on them (after he purchased tickets) and the reviews were bad. Well today I did a in depth review of this airline and to say it was bad would probably be a huge compliment to them.

Cue freaking out! I guess they are also well known for cancelled and delayed flights. You have to even pay $3 for water. Nothing on this airline is free! The great price we got was for no luggage, no seats and I guess just putting us in the bottom of the plane with the luggage that people did pay 1/2 of their mortgage to fly with.

I called Al freaking out and then freaking out some more. We can't get a refund so we have two options as of right now.

#1 Book another flight with SW Airlines for additional $700
#2 Stay with Spirit, take a lot and I mean A LOT of Xanax bend down and kiss my ass goodbye   hoping it works

Okay that may be a little dramatic, but my blood pressure is sky high right now and I am SO dreading this flight.

What the hell was I thinking?

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