Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Little Egg that didn't (Part 2)

Well I finally broke down and called Dr. Kim's office again to ask the all important question. I was told that she would still see me if I did get pregnant and she would want to move my appointment up so they could try to save the pregnancy. That made me feel good, but I explained to her that we were abstaining this cycle and our plane tickets are non-refundable (that is what you get for booking with super cheap airlines) I will go into that here in a minute. According to my chart, my temps jumped this morning so I think I have already ovulated. This cycle is a done deal and I don't have any regrets about choosing what we did. I think it was the smart option. 

Okay on to flying! As you all know, I absolutely HATE flying, hate, hate, hate.................... I have an appointment in two weeks to get some Valium and/or Xanax to help with my anxiety. We booked our flights to Chicago through Spirit Airlines. After we booked I decided to check reviews on this company. Oh boy, big mistake. Their reviews are beyond horrible from everyone! Every site I checked had the same reviews. I definitely think that my happy pills will come in handy during this trip.  I am going to do the 24 hour check in and hopefully Al and I can get seats together. I keep reminding myself that it is only a 2 hour flight, I can do this.... right? Lol.

Before I forget, I had an overwhelming interest in joining my facebook group. Thank all of you ladies who emailed me and joined. I really hope you can get the support you are looking for. I know I am  happy to have the new members and some new stories/experiences. I still am looking to add about 5-10 more people if you are interested. Just email me at

Well the frustrating news for the day. My daughter failed her driving permit test. I am very frustrated about this. I have been after her for a month (daily) to study her driving manual. She had the false confidence because she passed a sample test the school gave her earlier in the year. I think this is a good lesson about having false confidence. I am going to take her back in a few weeks to test again. Fingers crossed that number 2 is the magic number :) 

25 days!!!!!!

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