Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quick Update

Today was my one month appointment with my psychiatrist to check up and see how things are going. I parked in the garage and was heading to the elevator. There was a woman singing her ass off waiting on the elevator and I mean singing! I was a little taken back and I won't lie, kinda scared. The elevator opens and I walk in behind her while she is still dancing and singing. She sees me and was a little shocked. She then explained to me that she is learning a new song and it is hard to sing with her asthma. Did I mention she wasn't wearing a bra and the ladies were hanging down to her waist. I smiled and had small talk with her until we reached the 3rd floor. I checked in and each visit you weigh and have your blood pressure taken. Bad news here. I have gained 5 lbs in a month and my blood pressure was  high again at 144/92. After I get done I go out to sit in the waiting room (here is where it gets fun). A lady starts talking very loudly and walking around with a box of tissues stating that last week there was only ONE box and today there is TWENTY ( I counted, there were two). I looked up at her and she must have been a picker because her face had huge scabs all over and she had some crazy hair. Well Miss American Idol chimes in and said " Oh thank you lord, my cup runneth over" because there were tissues in the waiting room. I was just sitting there completely stunned and hoping the doctor would come get me very soon. Thank goodness he came out in a few minutes.

So here is a breakdown of my visit today. I was on Effexor to help with panic and anxiety and Trazadone to help me at least get a few hours of sleep a night. Neither of them worked, or at least not to the extent to be considered helpful. I was nauseous and have tummy issues with the Effexor and the Trazadone made me feel like a zombie the next day with only a few hours of sleep. My new protocol starting tomorrow is, Celexa for the panic and anxiety and Ambein for sleep. I also broke down about flying to Chicago. He prescribed me a few Xanax for the trip. I hope this works! I have another appointment in one month to see how the new medications are working. He wanted to try Paxil, but it is a Class D drug. I know Class C isn't much better, but it is better then Class D. Unfortunately some people require to be on medications that aren't 100% safe for pregnancy, just to survive day to day. That is the sad truth of the matter.

I think all and all, today was a successful visit. 

20 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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