Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Accepting New Members

As you all know, I have a small facebook group. This is a bittersweet moment for me. For the past few months most of our group has passed over to the pregnancy after infertility group ran by one of my members. I set up this group for all chapters through infertility, including pregnancy after, but we need some new woman who are currently going through treatment or trying to conceive. There is a small catch about my group and I want to give you all the information before you make up your mind on joining. Unlike the other groups out there, I pride myself on running a very positive and supportive group. I don't want it to be over run with stories of drug addicts getting pregnant with baby number 10, but not us. That is a totally valid feeling to have and especially going through this, but I don't have room for that in my group. I mainly want to support others by letting them know that as bad as it gets things will be better in one way or another. I care for every single woman in my group. I think the best part of it is, seeing woman get their positive pregnancy test. Some woman in my group were trying for ten years plus! So that is pretty special to me. 

If you are interested, please send me an email at: tonisharapp@yahoo.com. My facebook group page is called Chapters Through Infertility & More. It is 100% private group so none of your friends or family can see any post. I have woman whom are adopting, going through ivf, TI, naturally trying, and some are in the middle of taking a well needed break right now. I also have a few that are done with ttc completely. So we have a nice mix of ladies. 

If you do send a request, please email me first to let me know. I don't add anyone that I am not familiar with into the group for the above stated reasons. Hope to see a few of you!

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