Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Days!

I had a melodramatic post this morning on here and decided to delete it. I can't spend anymore time being stressed out about this stupid flight. Time to put on big girl panties and move on. Next on agenda, packing for our trip. Here is the forecasted weather while we are there:

Saturday- 89 degrees
Sunday-  88 degrees
Monday- 75 degrees
Tuesday- 71 degrees

Okay I have one little carry on suit case to pack and I am trying very hard not to over pack and just take what I need. So far I have:

Two pairs of jeans
2 long sleeve shirts
1 dress
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of flats
1 pair of walking sandals
4 pairs of undies
2 pairs of really cute socks for my lady part scan :)
2 short sleeve shirts
2 pairs of capris

I am going to get any toliety items I need in Chicago (what hotel doesn't offer). Hopefully only thing I will be adding is

Basal thermometer for ovualtion (should happen on Saturday)
hair brush
make up
a very special bracelet a friend gave me for my visit
phone charger
Paperwork for my visit

Any of you that travel, am I forgetting anything or even packing to much? Should I bring a light jacket for the evenings?

Any advice is definitely wanted and accepted

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