Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anniversary Trip & More

Well we are back from our anniversary trip. Why is it that you need a break after vacation to relax because you are exhausted? The trip didn't go as planned and that seems to be the theme of my life lately, but it was great nevertheless. It rained ALL weekend. Our tree house was so lovely and you could feel it swaying when you walked across the floors. That was a little weird! They had us a gift basket and a banner in the house when we arrived. Here are a few pics of the tree house.

We did a lot of driving and sight seeing in the mountains etc. Not much to do when it rains for days.

And now for the ugly: I thought about whether I should even post these pics and give any kind of credit to a obvious lunatic. It is so hard for me to believe there is SUCH hate out there. 

 This guy has huge guard dogs all over his property. There had to been at least 20 of them chained everywhere. I had to stop and take pictures because I was in such disbelief. I am not a fan of Obama and would NEVER wish ill toward him or his family!

I still have more pics on my camera. This was from my phone driving around. I will post some more later on.

In ttc news. I wanted to wait until we got back from our trip to start my provera. I took a hpt on Sunday and there was a faint positive. I took one again yesterday and today and the line is totally faded. I won't say I am upset, because I am not. Today is 67 days after my miscarriage and I am ready for surgery and then back to ttc before seeing our specialist that will get me pregnant.

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