Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Babbling

Well as you know I had my blood work done yesterday and my levels were still at 21.7. The nurse said starting Femara was of course a no go again this week. I won't lie, I was very disappointed. Every chemical and miscarriage I have encountered ALWAYS has slow dropping hcg levels. Feeling so defeated this week. I told Al last night that I am having remorse on deciding against treatments and iui. Of course his response was " we made it further without treatments then we ever did with", but after he said that I responded that I thought it was a total fluke and wouldn't expect it to happen again. I guess you never know. The facts are my eggs are crap. We have a higher chance of success by stimming with better medications and making more eggs. 

After hearing the news yesterday I seriously considered starting myself on Femara or Clomid. I did still have some left overs in the house. Even after donating and clearing out my medicine cabinets. All the ladies on my blog highly recommended that I didn't start without my doctors consent. I was in the stubborn thinking mode of " hey I have been in this game long enough and I am NOT waiting any longer". When I got home it was my intention to start my Femara, but I decided against it. Which I still sit here thinking that wasn't the right decision either. Of course I have NO idea what cd I am on. My last period was on 12/31/2012. I bled four weeks after my miscarriage and taking that damn pill. So maybe medically speaking, I should just wait. The nurse told me to keep taking ovulation test until  next week and if I haven't ovulated by then I could start the Femara. 

I just want a shot at this....................................... 

I started my Prozac about a week ago. I know it takes weeks to get into your system, but I have noticed that every night I take it, it makes me so tired. Last night I was in bed sleeping by 8:00 pm. I don't remember having that the last time. 

This weekend Cierra is going to spend the weekend with her dad. Al and I are having dinner with an old friend on Saturday and also going to the Art Museum to see an exhibit he is really excited about..

Oh and I will leave you with pictures of our flooded yard. It has been raining here for days. I won't complain since we have been in a drought for about two or three years now. 

And I don't think I need to tell you what our house smells like when we get home and let in three wet dogs (that refuse to go into their nice dry house with hay). Stupid dogs :)

Oh and before I forget, my 4lb package of medical records that was sent to Dr. Kwak Kim in Chicago today!

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