Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Absolutely Sickened!

I came across a story on Yahoo this morning. I usually don't even read the papers or watch the news much anymore do to the fact of pure evil and craziness in this world. This morning topped anything I have ever seen on the news and I sit here at my desk with my heart absolutely sunken into my chest....

I warn you that this article is BEYOND disturbing and it is about a baby being killed. 


This monster gets drunk and has sex with his girlfriends 6 month old baby.  He killed the baby and now claims it was an accident and he shouldn't be put to death.  The pure evilness and sickness of this man makes me want to vomit. It makes me wonder why there aren't stricter laws in place for these monsters??

Stephanie, I know you are a defense attorney. Do you have any input on this ? 

I guess this hits so close to home. Being from a family of child molesters and knowing first hand what it feels like, I am just absolutely devastated after reading this story. I don't believe there is help for these scum of society. I don't think jail helps, I don't think counseling helps. They are branded with a sickness that is so perverse and dark, there is no saving them. I honestly believe they should be screwed up the ass with a tree and know how it feels "literally" to be raped as a child or a baby. 

When does shit like this stop?? What do we do as a society to stop child sexual abuse? How many of us have to have our inocence and lives stolen before something changes? All my life this is a subject that is considered taboo. If you know it is happening you pretend you don't, if you hear it is happening you turn your head. If you see it is happening you justify why it is not your problem. When does it stop?

My father drugged and raped boys in our family.  There were other also, our friends etc. My whole family knew it was happening, no one said anything. All the adults in the family knew he was a monster and still let her children around him. Now I have cousins etc. that are child molestors doing the same thing. Or have family members that are fucked up on drugs etc. because they can't deal with their past.

When does this stop??? When?

The only thing that helps me sleep at night is knowing my father and his father are dead and in the cold ground where they belong, never to hurt another child again. 

As most of you know I am not religious and don't believe in God or Heaven/Hell, but I would hope that these diseased creatures would be burning in hell for eternity if hell does exist. 

Sorry for the long dark rant, but this is something I have battled with all my life and wish I could save the innocent beautiful souls from the darkness. 

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